Thursday, April 8, 2010

Welcome to Texas Hill Country

Riding into Uvalde for lunch, I first saw this beautiful field of brilliant purple flowers. And then all of a sudden I noticed this handsome creature. Very friendly, curious, but not very talkative. Oh, btw, kudos to Lady Bird Johnson and all of the people of Texas for the 100s of miles of wild flowers spread out like multi-colored blankets for us to enjoy. Nicely done!

Not West of the Pecos, nor East of the Pecos, but standing ABOVE the Pecos River. Pretty water, impressive cliffs.

Pecos, too.

Welcome to Texas Hill Country. The scenery just keeps getting better and better. Really. I'm not sure why the pioneers ever left here for points West.

That is not the way I would have spelled it, but I passed this ranch on the day after Opening Day. Go Redbirds!

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  1. Beautiful! I guess that I didn't realize that Texas had mountains. Geography was not my better subject