Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We enjoyed one of our few remaining Texas skies tonight. A helicopter practicing approaches, countless stars, spinning yarns and war stories. Gonna miss this.

A local artist and historian came to visit us and had us spellbound with stories of early Texas settlers and the native Americans they met. One story was the early 1620's myth (?) of the Blue Nun, for whom the Blue Nun wine is named. Briefly, although she never left her homeland or convent in Spain, she dreamed visions of ministering to native Americans, even to the point of "knowing" their names, the names of places they lived and their names for items they used. Years later, when conquistadors and settlers arrived in the area, they were startled to find that the people, places and things named actually existed. Legend has it that where ever the blue nun's dress touched the ground in the New Land, Blue Bonnet flowers sprang up.

Go ahead, you can look it up.

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