Saturday, April 17, 2010

Correction: Right city, wrong state.

Leaving LA for Jackson, MS tomorrow. I have a lot to tell you about LA but it will have to wait until I get a good wireless connection (cliff hanger!)

OK, so I may be suffering from a bit of "Git-Home-Itis". I jumped ahead a state a couple days too soon. We are in Jackson, Louisiana, not Jackson, Mississippi. Today is a layover day. We're camped at the home of some of Bubba's friends. Very nice people and a nice huge open area for us to spread out.

We wont be in MS. until Wednesday. And the weather continues to be beautiful. I did hear a few raindrops hit the tent flaps early this morning, but we are all dry, happy and healthy.

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  1. We were watching on weather channel - looked like the whole state of LA was green (rain). That might be part of what you're going to tell us - hope you are getting to dry out and be healthy - we send our love and our prayers