Thursday, April 22, 2010

Catching up

If you are ever biking in the Jackson, LA. area, plan on stopping and staying with Lep and Perry. They bike and they love cyclists. Their campground is amazing. When you stop, tell them I said "Hi!"

I didn't know that the Republic of West Florida, which included Louisiana, was a separate republic long before Texas was a republic of its own. For only 78 days, and then it was annexed into the U.S. in 1810.

Finally, we arrived in Mississippi. We have traveled some 2280 miles since leaving San Diego. Can you see the happy faces? They are not sitting on their bikes at the moment.

(L-R) Jan, Phil, Jon, Diane, Mickey.

Unless you are the lead rider, the view doesn't change.

1 comment:

  1. The side views still look nice. The scenery has been awesome. You seem to be meeting so many interesting people as you cycle Eastward. You'll need to write a book and include your pictures. This is continuing to be a fun journey for me atleast, to see through your eyes the winding road. Thank you for all your blogs.
    Love and be safe as you continue your journey.