Monday, April 12, 2010

4/12/10 - on to Navasota

Moving on from LaGrange to Navasoto on an absolutely perfect biking morning.

This could easily be mistaken for a road around Lake Bloomington if it weren't for the Texas County road signs every so often. We're in a pretty part of the state.

With apologies to Joe Egan and Jerry Rafferty: Traffic to the left of me, cattle to the right, here I am, back in the saddle again.

This is Etienne, our newest friend. He is from France but traveling the country alone and self-supported. He shared our dinner and adult beverages last night, stayed in our camping area, and had breakfast with us this morning before hitting the road. We crossed paths again several times today.

Awesome countryside.

And yet another great ranch gate

I stopped and ate my lunch under a huge oak tree in front of this church. I got to meet the Rev. Lordy Randle's son, Eddie, when he came by to cut the grass.

Pretty by comparison?

Maybe in comparison to these? The poor old bull on the right looked like he'd lost a fight with those horns.

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