Monday, April 19, 2010

Cycling Across Louisiana

This is an about to be crawfish ranch. The ranchers here rotate crops between rice one year, and then crawdaddies the next. The crawfish help clean up the remains of the previous crop, and also help prepare the field for the next year.

The funny thing was watching the ranchers herd their "cattle" on those tiny sea horses with names like "Ol' Carp" and "Sea Bicuit".

A "MUST STOP" for those in the know. Every Saturday, but only on Saturday, and only from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, this place opens for zydeco music, dancing, and adult beverages. The place gets packed!!!

A fun time was had by all

New Hampshire's own Doug and Sue in the back in cycling jerseys.
See the guy in the green t-shirt? He was a long time member of this zydeco band but was in a bad accident that left him somewhat (a lot) challenged. The band still lets him "play" with them, but he plays the triangle with his clapper taped so that it doesn't actually ring.

This stuff is served in huge quantities from the bar. Every bottle purchased is first opened and ummm, "Quality Checked" by the bar maid before being handed to the customer.

After music and drinks and dancing, we hit the restaurant, "Frenchie's", across the street. I had a crawfish Po-Boy. And those are fried pickles as a side. This place will make you FAT!

Around here you are either lunch, or you are something else's lunch!
For future reference: Gator's are very fast in a straight line, but they cannot zig-zag. If one is after you, run away in a zig-zag pattern. Oh, and good luck. Remember, if we are together when an alligator attacks, I do not have to outrun the gator. I only have to outrun YOU!!!

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