Thursday, April 1, 2010

On the way to Marathon, TX. (Locals pronounce it Marithin)

I am 26.2 miles from Marathon, TX but I checked Alanis' list and that doesn't make the cut.

We left Van Horn and first stop was The Cornerstone. Your Crossroads Connection. THE place to stop for coffee, tea, and books. I had a hot, creamy, frothy jolt to start my day. If your route takes you through Van Horn, stop and see Karl and Ralph. They promise to help you find free hot showers and a place to pitch your tent.

The Devils Came To Valentine, TX. and wore Prada.

We were served lunch (Texas Buritos: potatoes and cheese in a wrap) by the local high school travel club. They served us to raise funds for their trip to Australia (or maybe it was New Zealand...) This Prada shoe and purse store was just outside of town. Notice how we are attracted to shade?

These next pictures are from the Valentine, TX. Library.

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