Friday, April 2, 2010

Layover Day spent touring Big Bend National Park

There are no words I can use to describe Big Bend. The most common words I heard today were "WOW!", "Amazing", "Look! Look at that!" and "Vast". And those don't describe it well enough. If you've never visited this national treasure, do your eyes and your spirit a favor and experience it. I plan to come back. One day was not nearly enough. Supposedly there are seven different Eco-systems here. Parts of this huge park resemble Colorado, parts look like Arizona, and there are even huge expanses of sand dunes that would make your favorite desert island proud.

The Yucca were in bloom, so were the Ocotilla, Blue Bonnets, and so much other vegetation that I just cannot remember the names of right now. This little barrel cactus is only about four inches high, but sported a pretty red flower as if to say "Yes, I can, too!"

<-------- Ocotilla in the foreground, the mountains on the left are Mexico, those on the right are U.S., the pass in between through which the Rio Grande flows is Santa Elena.

Gravel of Mexico about 25 feet away from me, standing on the river bank, U.S. side. --->

This is part of what remains of an old two room residence. Some of the walls were made by stacking flat rocks and cementing in place with wet sand stone. The rest of the walls were like this. Adobe brick. That white blob is a piece of tree branch that was stuck in the brick when it was made.

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  1. great pictures, Big Brother - but the best is getting to see you!