Friday, March 19, 2010

Status report

We are camping at an RV "resort" in Gila Bend, AZ. We are still in tents, sleeping on a gravel parking lot. :-)

But there is reported WIFI here, and I'm going to try to upload a bunch of pictures tonight.

The picture is of the support staff responsible making sure we get all the way. Left to Right are "Gopher", Erica, Bubba, Gerry-the-cop, Krash, and "Downhill" Bob.

Yesterday one of our riders succumbed to a stomach bug that knocked her out for the day. She rode with us again today and seems much better. She's even smiling.

Today, another rider got spooked along the way by a pack of dogs that wanted to play. She fell and went to emergency care. We hear she's been patched up and will join us tonight. She swears she will ride again tomorrow.

Everyone else has been safe. There has been a large number of flat tires, but that is to be expected. Cactus thorns are tough on skinny tires.

Last night's campsite in Dateland, AZ. was right along a Union Pacific freight rail. We had trains all through the night. You can imagine that the trains were the talk of the breakfast table.

59.13 miles today. The weather has been GREAT!!! We chased some rain clouds from the start but couldn't catch them. I have been feeling well and the riding has been phenomenal. Some more Interstate 8 riding today for part of the way. Not everyone is excited about riding on the Interstate because of the traffic, particularly the truck traffic. I might be nuts because I find it exhilarating. And I can get to higher speeds.

It's time for our evening meeting, so I will get those pictures up later.

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