Thursday, March 25, 2010

Leaving Arizona

Tonite we are camped in Rodeo,New Mexico. We are merely feet from the Arizona border, and not much further from Mexico. The town of Rodeo would have to liven up ten fold to become a ghost town. But apparently, in her day, this was the place to be. Nine brothels, once upon a time. For those who believe in poetic justice, each of those brothels later became churches. It seems Rodeo was a station put in for the railroad that shipped copper, silver, and other ore from Bisbee to the East.

We had a guest speaker after dinner; a true to life sergeant in the U.S. Border Patrol came and told us about his work and some mighty interesting stories of fun times had by all. BTW, he said that Border Patrol duty in Vermont is thought to be primo duty that the agents all desire.

I will say that the border patrol is omni-present here. Their trucks are up and down the highways constantly. We've witnessed their eyes in the skies, the way they literally drag the ditches and culverts looking for foot prints, their jeeps parked high in the mountains watching the border, and (not me but) some of our group saw eight illegal border crossers arrested.

These are indeed strange times in which we live.

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