Monday, March 29, 2010

The mountains here are different

On the way to Ft. Hancock, TX.

Jon and Diane wheeling past some west Texas mountains. I wish you could see them better, they looked like they were sculpted. The mountains, I mean, not Jon and Diane.

A good, swift ride today. Stopped at the proverbial hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant for lunch. The locals there were very friendly and the food was delicious. I had fresh squeezed lemonade that was unbelievably tasty, made with a hint of lime. Not much else to see. Some agriculture: Pecan and Black Walnut groves, alfalfa farms, onion fields. Apparently there is no shortage of water because the farmers here irrigate by totally flooding their fields. We saw a few very friendly dogs. Three in one pack ran down a hill to our right, crossed the road in front of us, and sat on the left shoulder and watched us wheel by. Another, a cattle dog ran with us for as long as he could keep up, seemingly enjoying the exercise. Some chihuahuas behind a fence let us know we shouldn't hang around. Good day.

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