Thursday, March 18, 2010

I just enjoyed another strawberry / banana energy gel courtesy of Haley, Garrett and Hayden. The cold weather gear has been great, too. Thanks, guys. Love you!


  1. They obviously want to keep Grandpa around for a long time......and why not? You're a great grandpa!

  2. Hi Big Brother - FYI - when you have your layover in Kerrville on April 8, you are about 30 miles south of a town called Fredericksburg. Donny and I went there with his sister, Linda. Great little town - German in ancestory. Childhood home of Admiral Nimitz and the National Museum of the Pacific War

    There is also a coffee shop called Greater Grace at 311 E. San Antonio St. We had a wonderful breakfast there and chatted with the owner, Andy White - he's also a friend on our FB.

    Just in case you are able to head that way, wanted to share some things to do

    This is going to be a beautiful ride - skirting around San Antonio but still in the hill country - it is gorgeous - I loved to take drives when I was student teaching in San Antonio.

    Enjoy seeing our beautiful America

  3. Good morning- Son- Not knowing just where or when you may be in the deserts, I have been wondering just how well all of you were fairing around evening or early morning time, with the changing temperatures. but on reading your coomments I realized that , at least, you have been prepared for those changes. Now you are out of California--going through Nevada--How many, total , miles do you figurre you have gone, so far? Dad