Saturday, March 27, 2010

93 miles from Rodeo to Columbus, N.M., so I tacked on 7 more yesterday and got my first century of the year.
Click on any of these pictures to enlarge. We rode through a vicious sand storm shortly after noon. That really is me in there. Somewhere.

It seems like we climb more than we descend. By now it should be down hill all the way to the East coast.


  1. Oh-my-goodness! Congratulations! Tired? Sore?

  2. Wow, Wayne so glad for you! Way to go. I bet you will have skinny legs to go along with those skinny tires. How are you holding up? We are enjoying the pictures and comments. Talked to Kim on the phone today. They are in Paris taking in the sites. Having fun too. Aww the good like of the travelers.

  3. Congratulation on the century! I hope you have a very big bottle of sunscreen.