Sunday, February 21, 2010

More than mere obstacles

I was just warned: keep you tent zipped up at all times. Do not leave your shoes outside your tent. Shake out your shoes before you put them on.

And I was worried about silly things like mountains.....sheeesh!


  1. Sounds better and better all the time :P

  2. Very close to the border for half of your ride. Do you know approximately when you'll be in different areas? Donny's brother Dennis lives in Tucson, which it looks like you'll be going through. Is Bubba placing articles in newspapers along the way for people to watch you come through their city?

  3. We overnight in Tucson Tuesday, March 23. I don't know about publicity. It kinda sounds like a good idea, unless it wakes up the locals. :-)
    When we road the Keys last year, a couple of papers came out and covered the ride, and other groups, like chamber of commerce, had items about us on their web sites.

  4. this is Dad Yes keep your tent zipped, especially going the desert==avoiding the scorpions-----he he he ouch-----